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Keep calm and kill stress


Stress is a universal feeling that every living creature on this earth experiences during his lifetime. It is defined as the psychological or physiological pressure caused due to trivial problems that occurs in our lives.

Let’s figure out the Impact of stress on us and ways to reduce it.

Stress Management

Different types of Stress and what Causes them?

1. Academic Stress – The pressure enforced by the parents to their children, to excel in the standardized tests and exams conducted by the universities.

Unhealthy eating habits also induces stress in students. Certain foods like processed food, soda, fast food etc. induces stress in a student’s life.

2. Work Stress – Majority of the people experience and accept stress at their workplace.

Few causes might be

  • Being dissatisfied with your job
  • Insecurity with your advancements or fear of being terminated
  • Excess amount of work to be completed within a short span
  • Work which includes direct interaction with Cash

3. Personal Life Stress – Everyone would have experienced this for at least once in their lifetime.

Some of the causes  are

  • Unhappy atmosphere in your family(Death,Illness, Divorce etc,)
  • Getting fired from your job
  • Financial issues
  • Conflicts within the family.

Effects of Stress on Your Body

It can have both positive and negative effects on your body. Certain stress can actually be good for us as it motivates us to accept challenges and succeed. But, if it causes anxiety and restlessness, then it is detrimental to you. Few effects of stress on your body are

  • Unhappiness
  • Loss of Interest
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritation
  • Lack of energy
  • Falling sick often.

Focus on the good

How to avoid/overcome stress

Stressful situations can be easily avoided by few simple practises like

  • Being Optimistic – Always think about the positive side of a situation. This gives you new ideas and solutions to come out of the problem.
  • Simplify you daily schedule – Practice the policy of “one thing at a time”. Always commit for how much is possible for your.
  • Practice Meditation – Develop a habit of waking up early and try calming your senses and body by meditating. This helps you to be calm throughout the day.
  • Listen to music and have some fun.
  • Develop healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Exercise daily

We all have only one life, let’s enjoy it to the fullest by fighting against the

“Killer – Stress”

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