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Home remedies to maintain a healthy diet and a balanced life

Greatest wealth every individual has to have is his/her health. As soon as the word DIET is heard, we think consuming less is the solution. But eating less can cause more trouble than making you healthy. Healthy Diet is consuming right type of food at the right time and in right quantity.

By following good fitness regime and eating food is just not enough to be healthy. Choosing, following and maintaining, the right and healthy diet helps you to be fit. Maintaining fitness is  a game changer to your life.

” It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet. ” – Margaret Mead

Never set big goals which are hard to accomplish. Changing all the habits at the same time might be difficult. Hence, start with smaller goals that are easier to accomplish. Choose smaller goals that has greater impact to your life.

What is a Healthy Diet?

People think it’s complicated to maintain a healthy diet hence they stop thinking about it. Reducing the consumption of processed food and consuming food that is available in the nature is the best remedy. Maintaining a balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, and minerals is the best healthy diet. Never stop eating certain category of food, try to choose the healthiest among those categories of food.

Healthy = Tasteless is a mindset that you need to knock off.

Let me help you with few healthy diet tips that are easy to follow:


1.Never quit eating food that you love.

Avoiding the food you love or scaling the food you consume can hit back to you very badly. Key is to eat everything you love in smaller quantities. Stop measuring the food you eat. Because you’re restricting on what you like hence you end up eating more.

2. Try to cook food for yourself. And avoid eating foods in restaurants.

When you cook food for yourself you know, What and How much you’re eating. By avoiding food from restaurants you’re are safe from the chemical additives they add. Not only that, the cleanliness maintained by you can never be matched with the restaurants.  

3. Always try to eat when your body needs and how much it needs.

Maintain a regular time frame in which you need to have your food. Delay in eating time can cause gastric. Statistics shows that more than one third of the population is suffering from gastric. Hence maintain and follow a timetable to have your meals.

General human tendency is to eat food not to waste. Re:new Bariatrics quotes, “ there are 775 million obese people around the globe”. The main reason to be obese is to consume more than the requirement.

4. Always love the food that you eat.

Don’t eat food that bores you. When you eat food that you hate eating you end up eating more. Always enjoy whatever you’re eating. Have a right mix of everything you eat. Try to have healthy alternatives that has a positive difference on your health. Switching from animal fats to refined carbohydrates, lowers the risk of heart diseases.

5. Never Skip Breakfast

Always start your day with a healthy breakfast. Breakfast is what kick starts your day and gets keeps you fresh the entire day. Always keep in mind to have a wholesome, rich breakfast before you step out of your house in the morning.

6. Your Digestive system is at its best at noon.

This is the best time to challenge your digestive system. Hence, “your biggest meal should be at midday“. Eat lunch like king, never cheat yourself by skipping your lunch. Buy yourself a heavy meal for lunch as the rest your day will be banking on it. As your body will be active the rest of the day, it’s easy for your digestive system to digest.

7. Supplements are not substitute.

Supplements are not your food. Never can a supplement be substituted for the food you eat. It should be consumed only when you are short of certain vitamins, calcium or minerals. We advise avoid substitutes and try to consume the food that are rich in those vitamins or minerals. Substitutes generally contain preservatives that causes more harm.

8. Follow Rainbow Diet.

Looks of the food on your plate can have positive effect on your mind as well as your health. Adding variety of fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you maintain your calorie levels, even though you  consume more. Rainbow Diet motivates you to fight for the fitness that you are eagerly looking for.  

9. Follow 80 / 20 rule in your Diet.

According to the rule, eat nutritious food 80 percent of the time and consume the food you like 20 percent of the time. This does not say that it counts for your daily diet. According to the rule you can consume unhealthy food only once a week, considering you have food 3 times a day.  

10. Importance of eating food in groups.

It’s not just enough, if you eat nutritious food. Research shows 40% of the obse cases are because of the stress an individual has. Sharing meal helps you to relax and enjoy what you eat. It is just an excuse to catch up and talk with your family members,and put aside your stress.

Going on a restrictive diet can help you lose weight. But, you will regain that weight as soon as you go back to eating normally. Never take in food with guilt. Always treat food as a fuel that helps you to lose weight not gain weight.

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